Investing in your success

Barista Training

We want your customers to rave about you. When they do, they’re raving about our brand too, and that’s good for both of us. Training isn’t an empty sales promise, it’s the very foundation of our business model, which is why we founded our Coffee Academy. We’re committed to offering the best barista training in Australia, developed and delivered by genuine coffee experts;  baristas who have travelled the world experimenting, researching and learning about coffee, tested and tried countless recipes and brewing methods, and developed specialist skills in roasting, cupping, and green bean selecting and buying. They are well-rounded coffee professionals able to deliver a wealth of knowledge in every single course session.

Outstanding Customer Service & Support

We know that to support your business long-term, we need to give you more than just the best blends, the freshest beans and the most inspired barista training courses; which is why we are the only coffee roaster with our own team of hand picked, full-time Coffee Support Managers. Our team of CSMs spend all their time visiting our customers’ cafes, providing on-the-spot refresher training, checking, cleaning and equipment calibration, observing baristas, correcting mistakes, and offering general hints and tips. Their remit is to help you deliver the very best coffee experience for your customers, regardless of the barista on duty. You’ll also have your own Commercial Manager who, along with the Customer Support Manager, will help you manage the day to day requirements of your business.

Coffee Equipment

Your coffee equipment is a real indicator of how seriously you take your coffee. Even with the best beans, your efforts will be in vain if your coffee equipment is inappropriate for your business needs or inadequately maintained. We know that when you’re running a cafe, you don’t always have the time or the expertise to research the ideal coffee machine and set of grinders, so we do that for you. We provide expert machinery advice and 24/7 support to all our cafe partners. We’ll help you choose the best equipment for your cafe, taking into consideration the physical constraints of your premises, the volume of coffee you sell, your customer demographics, your staffing levels and your water supply. We’ll also provide ongoing guidance on how to calibrate and maintain it for optimum results.

Perfect Pour Program

Our Perfect Pour Program is a free, ongoing initiative aimed at helping you serve exceptional coffee, day in and day out. You’ll enjoy in-store training, frequent expert visits to your cafe, access to our state-of-the-art Coffee Academy, extensive mentoring of your baristas, regular equipment servicing, advice from coffee experts on industry best practice, and a structured program to reward the highest scoring baristas and cafes.
The end result? Consistently great coffee, more satisfied customers who become loyal advocates of your cafe, and naturally, increased sales. The Perfect Pour Program is the cornerstone of our partnership with you.

Get the best for your café